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My nightmares are so bad, that I mostly reject it when my friends want to take me to a cinema to watch a horror movie. Then I say, ‘No, thank you. I will dream in a few hours.’ Sometimes I feel like Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf … The nightmares have agonized me since my childhood. I am the daughter of a Methodist preacher and as a child I was sexually abused by a friend of the family. I think the nightmares are telling me things about me I need to know. And I try to understand what they mean. Maybe so I can get to know something more about my soul.

--Tori Amos, Die Zeit (German newspaper) - November 11, 1999

The whole thing about Siren was I was asked to um, do this music to this film, Great Expectations. And um, when I saw the rough cut of the movie it was a bit of a different thing than it ended up to be. But point is, the scene that they asked me to do, um, when I first saw it, I was on the water and my concept of his character um, who was Ethan Hawke playing the part of — they call it Finn in the movie. But it’s Pip, right? That’s the correct Great Expectations person. Anyway, I felt like those guys were on a boat fishing. And uh, they had had this grunge music there — being a manly kind of thing and I’m like, screw that, that’s ridiculous. If you’re gonna do a manly thing on the water, go Polynesian, 800 years ago. Go into the sirens and do it correctly. I mean the Miller time and all the baited worms all this stuff from the great tackle shop — blow that. Go and find the sirens, make your sacrifice, cut off a toe, do what you’re supposed to. Be good guys. So I decided that it would make his character a bit more enriching if um, there was this mythological element of the sea creatures.

--Tori Amos, KFOG Berkeley - October 8, 1999

I’m just like Faust, baby, just take a seat. When you’re gonna dig in your shadow patterns, you find a part of yourself you could call the Wicked Mother or the Evil Queen. Well just talk to her. Make a deal with her. Cause she’s part of your life.

--Tori Amos, Oor (Dutch) - September 18, 1999 

People who think they’ve gotten rid of their demons are gonna do crazy things for compensation. They’re gonna do weird, kinky sex games. Sniffing the underwear of little girls. And those guys think they’re rid of their demons. No! You have to dance with your demons, raise them. When you get to know your demons you grow as a person. I’m beginning to know mine…

--Tori Amos, Oor (Dutch) - September 18, 1999 

You only can find inner peace when you live with your demons. It is even impossible to get rid of them. Jesus wouldn’t have spent 40 days and nights in the desert if he hadn’t demons. Theoretically impossible. That is the lie Christianity makes. That you have to get rid of the Devil and sin. My God, then you give away all your powers!

--Tori Amos, Oor (Dutch) - September 18, 1999 

You get a feeling when you think the interviewer has the daggers out so I say these things. You know, pussy can become cheetah real fast, and if I have to go for the jugular, I have no problem doing that.

--Tori Amos, The Times (of London) - September 21, 1999

Sometimes when you really want to write, it refuses to come. Other times when it really isn’t convenient, all this material shows up. I’ve heard women talk about having a kid when it wasn’t a great time to have one but they wanted the child anyway. I feel a bit like that with this album [To Venus and Back].

--Tori Amos, The Times (of London) - September 21, 1999

Performing is the best high there is and I hardly do drugs any more. I’ve experimented like most people - a bit of acid here, a bit of ecstasy there - but there is nothing like when you plug in on stage. I don’t know what it does but it feels like having an affair with 5,000 people. Or like 1983 Margaux is flowing through my veins. That’s my scene these days. I’m really into good wine. And I have to look after my health. It’s a bit unglamorous crawling to the bathroom after some of those drugs.

-- Tori Amos, The Times - September 21, 1999

I don’t have any illusion about what my responsibility is. I understand that when you write emotional work, it can bring things up, and I genuinely have time for people when they are opening that heart-space.

-- Tori Amos, Spin - November 1999

Precious Things is a song that came to me when I was living behind a church. And I was about 24 years old. I had a roommate that listened to really raucous music and it started to take me into flashbacks of my grandmother. And she used to put me in a corner and she would read me something, I think from Leviticus, I can’t remember. But um, she was convinced that I was gonna give my soul to God and my body to a man that I would marry. Um, but at five years old I knew that we were enemies, so in my mind I was always trying to find ways to get away from this creature. So I thought of things and my mother thought I was a demon for thinking them. But I think she would smile out of the corner, because I think she felt the same way. So behind this church with this music going on and on in my head. I started to really think that maybe just one day, I could run faster.

--Tori Amos, VH1 Storytellers - 1999

I guess anyone can be annoying. I know that I annoy people sometimes, particularly my friend Beenie. When I won’t let her eat sugar. Once in a while, of course there’s gonna be someone that pushes something too far. But… I can also find that at a family Christmas dinner. So, a sense of humor is really important. You can’t take things too personally. I don’t think people really mean to be a pain. I know I don’t mean to be one when I’m being one.

--Tori Amos, America Online Chat - Jan 20 1999

I remember being 5 years old and having these little shoes with an enclosed toe with an opening where I could insert different colors. That was the beginning of an obsession.

--Tori Amos, Steve Madden Sponsored AOL Chat - Oct 19 1999

The energy that I get playing live propels me into a deep well, inside somewhere that I probably couldn’t get to with out the shows…

-- Tori Amos, AOL chat - January 20, 1999

Usually I have a blood-line going for a song, so there are certain marriages of words that happen. Sometimes I try and become the words, so I’ll take on the properties and characteristics of a squeeze-boy say. Am I still a woman as a squeeze-box? Obviously. With something like Suede, which is about seduction, I picture jets revving and I was walking round the studio with a physics encyclopedia. The guy character in the song thinks the girl character is really evil, yet he’s there to be seduced. Sometimes people act quick to see my evil twin, but they don’t detect their own

-- Tori Amos, Mojo magazine (UK) - November 1999

I was totally freaked by Led Zeppelin. I wasn’t allowed to have posters on the wall, because we didn’t own the house and the walls had to stay clean. But all over those album covers were my sticky fingers

-- Tori Amos, Aloha - November 1999

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