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Well, when people go “Tori, this is so depressing,” My response is, “Look, if it happens to you or your daughter, you’ll shut up, your whole life will change. You might be uncomfortable dealing with this, but if your daughter needs help, there is a place where people can go. At least they can advise your daughter or your son where they need to go if they’ve had a problem that you can’t deal with.” You’d be surprised just how many parents just don’t want to talk about this. Somebody said that Howard Stern said sarcastically that I was a “real party.”

But you know, rape isn’t about a party. If something like that happened to somebody he loved, he better hope I’m not about a party when that moment happens and they need help. I’m really doing this so that people can go to a party. I’m doing this so that people who feel that at 21 their lives are over, or they don’t know how to have an intimate physical relationship, that they can be beautiful people again.

--Tori Amos, New York Post - January 17, 1997

We’ve had kids who’ve come to the show and said that two of their friends just walked in front of a train because they couldn’t face it anymore. Night after night you hear these stories. And when you know that you can do something to at least put people who need information and understanding together with people who have it, how can you wake up with yourself in the morning if you don’t do it?

--Tori Amos, New York Post - January 17, 1997

This girl showed up backstage… She just stood there and said, ‘Last night my stepfather raped me. He’s been raping me every night for seven years.’ I said, ‘Get her on the bus!’ When we were crossing the state line that night, [the tour manager] said, ‘The FBI’s going to be on your ass so fast.’ And I’m like, wait a minute, what is right and wrong here? Where has the law failed? That this girl’s only hope is an artist….

-- Tori Amos, George - 1996

"It gets disappointing when the British lose their sense of humour with my stuff. "I mean, the whole Sven the Viking issue was… I was in this very serious conversation with this woman about compartmentalising different parts of yourself to survive a violent attack. It was a very heavy conversation. And I said, the child in you is the one who gets violated the most in any violent attack. You kill your child first. You have to, to survive the situation. The child is gone, and the hooker in you survives. That’s what kept me alive. If the little girl had been operating I would have been dead by now, and I have no doubt of that, because I was dealing with a maniac who wanted to cut women up. Put the sex aside for a minute — this is about hatred. So, my prostitute got me out of it — that side of me that understood what the energy this guy was feeding off was. Just keep him from going crazy. A little girl screaming and crying would have got me killed, so I got rid of her.

And bringing her back has taken a lot of work — not to be a bitter tough broad, but to allow yourself to be vulnerable again. How do you do that? Well, that’s where the different personalities come in… the strong side of myself… whether I call it the prostitute or Sven the Viking. The little child is the one who’s so much a part of the writing of the songs, she’s the core, you know, the honesty and the openness. So I said to this interviewer: the part of me that’s Sven the Viking — if anyone tries to hurt the little child — he’s going to rip their balls off… “

-- Tori Amos (The Face Magazine, October ‘94)

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