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When I wrote this, my mother was sitting in a chair, and I’d been playing for a few hours. She was fading in and out of sleep. I’d been going through some of my blood, guts and widow’s tunes. And all of a sudden I needed to breathe. I started playing Talula, and it became like a breath, ‘cause I needed freedom from all these songs that where showing me my monsters. Talula started to show me how to dance. And my mother began to wake up. The song is really a riddle. Talula just came to me, telling me her name. A lot of the times I’m just trying to interpret what I’m seeing on the other side. A name holds an energy, like anything else. Look at Ruby Tuesday. I think Talula became about rhythm and tone and sensuality. It ain’t fucking Catherine. There’s something in there about West Indian dance. And yet it’s a very classic name, too. Talula really just started to represent all women to me - women that let themselves dance - for themselves.

-- Tori Amos (speaking about Talula, Vox [UK Magazine] May 1996)

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